From July 1st, 2021, a tax of 5.3% will be introduced in Germany on all stakes in virtual slot machines. This changes the cost structure for us as a company. We are therefore forced to introduce a user fee to balance the tax charges and at the same time be able to continue our attractive offer for you. We would like to do this in the most customer-friendly way possible and therefore only charge a user fee in the event of larger winnings in slot machines. For all winnings that exceed 20 times or more the stake (per round) we charge a fee of 5% of the winnings

When the customer makes a deposit and plays slot machine games, a tax of 5.3% is charged on all wagers made, regardless of whether the player wins or loses. The tax is always to be paid by the provider.

Deposit: EUR 20
Wager: EUR 300
Result: The customer wins EUR 10 - (new account balance EUR 30)
Tax payable by the provider: approx. EUR 15

If the customer places a bet and the winnings are 20 times or more the stake amount, a 5% fee will be added to the winnings.

Stake: EUR 1
Win: EUR 20 (20 times the stake)
Winning fee: EUR 1 (5% of the winnings)
Net win: EUR 19

No. All winnings that are less than 20 times the stake are not affected by the fee.